Friday, October 21, 2022

Molly Anne’s New Bed

Molly Anne’s new bed arrived from Furnitureland South yesterday! We ordered it in February. It was worth the wait! 

But first, her last night in my old bed that I slept in when I was her age! She loved this twin bed and we are definitely keeping it for her little girl!

Yay! The new one was made by Newport Cottages and is the Beverly bed in queen size. It was made right here in North Carolina and is gorgeous. We got to pick out every detail and when doing so, we made sure to keep in mind that she will have this bed forever! It’s a bed for a 7 year old or a 17 year old. A classic. 

Her bedding is actually mine from growing up. It matches her room perfectly. She picked out a flowered Annie Selke coverlet that is $448 which obviously is not happening. Zero idea where she gets that fancy taste from! Ha. But she loves this bedding so she is a happy girlie!  And actually she’s easy to please and honestly likes everything so picking out bedding wasn’t a big deal. 

Her wall color is SW 50% white dogwood. Her wicker chest of drawers are from a wicker store in Raleigh. My parents got me those when I moved into my first apartment at NC State. Her light is from Pottery Barn Kids. She also has the cutest side table that you can’t see in this picture that I got from Cotswold Marketplace. It is white but the inside of the drawer is hot pink. 

Yay for a Molly Annie room! She wants a TV in there now which is a no It’s like dejavu from me growing up although I cared a lot about my big Bose speakers and a TV!

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