Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian in OIB

Well we survived our first Hurricane as beach house owners. Kevin went down last week and raised our golf cart, grill and some other things. He put furniture inside and kind of prepped the house. Did the best we could but water and wind is going to do what it’s going to do. It all changed in a matter of 20 minutes just after high tide on Friday. It went from wet and a high canal to this:

I have video of it flowing from the ocean just like we were in the ocean. It was wild. Glad we were in charlotte during the whole thing. 

That’s our white mailbox. 

My neighbor Brian on our dock rescuing a chair that had floated down the canal. He put it on our dock because it was the only high area. 

Meanwhile these two had off school Friday for the occasion. They were dying to play in the rain so why not?! They loved it. Molly Anne and I also got our nails done. Fun!

Some neighbors sent us pictures of the house on Saturday morning. You can see how high the water got. We will go down at some point this week but aren’t able to right now. We are hoping the golf cart and grill survived. We probably lost our deep freezer. And some cushions. Who knows. It is what it is. Comes with the territory!

Water is a wild thing!

My neighbor marked the high water mark so we can measure and see where it got to on the golf cart. 

He also tied our trash cans to a column so we were able to keep those. I had no idea that was a thing but you don’t want trash cans floating out to sea! 

So, I’ll report back in but fingers crossed we were lucky!!

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  1. It was pretty wild here too. We definitely didn't expect it to be that close of a landfall, but mostly everything is ok - like you said, is what it is.