Thursday, October 13, 2022

Lulu Looks

Got to bop into the Baltimore Lululemon store and I loved their set up. Much bigger and more space than Charlotte's stores. Anyway, found these five looks I liked!

1. Yes, the best shirt. I love this space gray color because I could wear it with navy or black leggings. It's almost like a neutral. It's a good weight shirt to have during the season transition to Fall. They also have a blue I'd really like. 

2. This down jacket seemed the perfect weight for a southern winter. I like the light blue that it comes in but I'd be afraid it would get dirty. I like the looks of this being sporty but still could wear with jeans. 

3. I can't wear the swiftly line unless it's the relaxed fit like this shirt is. The regular is too tight to my body and shows all my rolls. This relaxed fit is much better and is athletic looking. 

4. I never liked lululemon leggings because I thought the price was ridiculous and I was fine with the Zellas I had. But since Athleta changed the fit on my fav leggings, I was forced to find a new "basic." These leggings are fabulous. Good to work out in and good to lounge in. They're at least practical in that I can wear them for both reasons. And yes, I wash and dry my clothes. I know you're not supposed to dry these but I don't have time for that lifestyle and so far these are fine. Also, pockets are top notch to hold my phone!

5. Saw this cozy oversized funnel neck fleece on that chilly Baltimore day and really thought I needed it! I'd probably get the ivory but this green was pretty. 

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  1. I LOL'ed at your comment about only being able to wear the relaxed swiftlys - same, girl, same!!! I do love that particular one though; I have it in several colors and love it with shorts and skorts!