Monday, October 10, 2022

Weekend Roundup

My new olive tree inspired by Ashley at @prettythings.charlotte 
Picked it up at Trader Joe’s and actually saw Ashley there! 

These goofballs played in one of our backyards most of the weekend! Such nice weather!

While we did this on Friday night. 

Molly Anne and I got up super early and prepped for the neighborhood yard sale. We made about $145 so it was def worth our time. And we got soooo much cleaned out of the playroom. That may have been the best part!

Molly Anne and I took Grady to our club for his first tennis lesson. He had been begging to play and he liked it although he was super tired. 

He will be back!

Molly Anne went to her friend Aria’s birthday party at Sports Connection and while she was there, I went running in a nearby neighborhood, dropped things off at Goodwill and filled up my gas tank. Fitting in a workout and getting other stuff done while I could have been just sitting around chit chatting feels extra productive. Most every Tuesday last school year while Molly Anne was at dance, I would go run or walk in a neighborhood close by. If I had Grady, I’d bring his scooter for him to roll with me.

Molly Anne had fun playing field hockey again last night. So far she really likes it!!

Happy Monday! Dentist appointment will start my day. Good times. 

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