Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Randoms for a Wednesday

1. The smoke detector battery was dead in Molly Anne's room on Monday night at 2am so that was an adventure. Mills acted like a looney tune and tried to jump out the window. So I quickly got him into his condo where he couldn't hear it.  Molly Anne didn't wake up the entire time from 2 until 6:15a when I woke her up for school.  Crazy right? She sleeps with beach sounds from her alexa but she still sleeps so hard to not hear that. And Grady didn't wake up either. Kevin and I were a different story.  Why do those always go off in the middle of the night?  We need to change all of the batteries so that doesn't happen again.  They are hard wired in our house but have the battery back up too. Evidently the batteries last about 3 years and a few months because this was the first one that went bad in our house. 

2. Kevin washed my car on Sunday afternoon and that was such a treat. He's been doing that about every other weekend. He takes it through the drive through auto bell then comes home and details the rest himself. The kids love to ride with him through the car wash and I love having a clean car!

3. Starting April 12th, our county is going back 5 days a week for elementary, middle and high school. I'm so happy for all of the children! Elementary has been back 4 days a week since October so this will just be an added bonus day for her. I'll miss my Fridays with Molly Anne in some ways...but in other ways  - I was not meant to teach my daughter school. We may have a better relationship on Friday afternoons now haha!

4. Anyone else think the Target drive up is way too convenient?  It's sooo easy to pop on the app and click drive up and then drive through to grab it. They're so quick to come out. Still Amazon > Target but it's becoming pretty equal!

5. Tomorrow is April 1st. Who has something fun planned to fool someone? I always always always tell my Dad that I have a flat tire or something similar. It's a joke at this point. Ha! 

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