Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Different Lives

Thank yall for your sweet comments about Ocean Isle.  We are SO excited!!!


This is a random one but do you all ever feel like you live multiple different lives?

For example:

I go to work and I'm in my work world and completely neglect my home world.  Then I travel for work and I really forget about Charlotte. Then I'm in Charlotte and I'm negligent to what's going on with my parents because it isn't in front of my face. Then I become a Mom in the late afternoons when I pick up my children from school.  When they go to bed, I go to exercise world or get stuff done mode. 

Of course, as Moms we multi-task constantly. That's just the way being a Mom works. Kevin and I were talking it about it the other day - Moms have to multi-task. Dads don't typically have a side of their brain that does that. HAHA!

It's a funny little thing. And people have stuff going on that no one knows about. I was walking with a couple of my friends last night and I was telling them about something going on in my world that I haven't mentioned on here. It's so weird that I have this other side that never is talked about.  It's true - you NEVER know what people are facing or what's going on with them deep down. 

I guess it's the old sayings that you should never judge a book by it's cover and there is no perfect family! Everyone has their own story that they don't have to share with everyone!

How is that for some randomness?!  I spent two hours at the DMV today so there ya have it. Deep thoughts.

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