Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Random Tuesday

It is staff appreciation week at Molly Anne’s school and we are doing all kinds of special things for the teachers. Don’t forget the traffic director and other folks that make the whole day happen! A gift card no matter the amount is always a thoughtful gesture!

Grady accomplished the “rock wall” by himself at our neighborhood playground after school yesterday! I remember the day that Molly Anne did that like it was yesterday! Time flies!

My fav long sleeve tee...I wear it two or three times a week. They came out with a pink mist color that is pretty. Did a strength workout on the peloton in bare feet last night. Gotta fit it in when I can!

This BLT salad recipe I found on Pinterest was so good. I can’t remember if I shared it a few weeks ago or not. 

I used this dry shampoo last night after the little workout I did and it reminded me to share how much I love it. I never like the smell of most dry shampoos but this one is good. I always use it at night then my hair looks fresher the next day. I don’t use it often, maybe once a week, but love when I do. 

Our school board voted last night to bring all grades K-12 back to in-person school starting the week of April 12th which is the week after Spring Break. This adds Fridays to what we’ve been doing since October. Early wake up five days a week now!! I shall never complain! :)

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