Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dresses, Polos, Shorts and Pajamas

I've been on a little mission to get my kids some Spring and Summer clothes. They literally change size every season I feel like.  Right now they can both barely wear their clothes from the end of last summer. They look small on them so I know they aren't going to last until September. Here are some things you'll see on my kids with the warm weather coming!  Some for play and some for nicer events. 

These knit dresses from J. Crew are so cute. They are comfortable for her. She has one from last year and it has worn so well so I am adding this one to her collection.

These are the best little shorts for the little boys. Grady had them in 2T, 3T and this year in 4T. They are hard to find so at the beginning of the season I typically get two pairs of light khaki, one pair of darker khaki and one navy. Zappos has darker khaki, red and white in sizes 4T and up. 

These are super nice fitting polos for Grady - Prodoh (green) and J.Bailey (blue). The performance material of the Prodoh is so nice for super hot days. I got these at a local children's shop Fancy Pants for you local gals but linked the websites of the brands above. 

Aren't these pajamas adorable for little boys?! The first one has boats and tractors on them and the second has whales. He only has one pair of short sleeve pajamas and I know he needs a couple more to throw on after the pool or on a hot night. 


  1. Shutterbugs is carrying a mew line now, Properly Tied and all of their shirts/polos and shorts are amazing!

    1. Oh great to know!! Thank you! Will check it out!