Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bedding at the Beach House

Thought it would be fun to share some bedding sources for you all in case you're looking to get some new things. Our beach house did come furnished but we replaced the bedding because I just had to. I didn't want to sleep on someone else's linens. Yes I'm aware that I do that at hotels, but this is going to be our home and I wanted to start fresh in that department! I know I'm crazy.

Also, the microfiber sheets that are hugely popular on Amazon and our kids like the crazy designs of them from Target - not my jam. They're impossible to deal with making the bed and they constantly slip down. I opted for cotton on all of these sheets. These are all reasonable deals and nothing too expensive. When you're trying to get bedding for 6 beds, it's A LOT so I was very reasonable in what I selected.

Molly Anne's room:
Heart Sheets - Target doesn't have these anymore but these unicorn rainbow sheets would be what I'd get today!
Quilt Sets with accent pillow included

Grady's room:
Comforter Set

Our room:
Sheets (we already had these)
Coverlet (I need to get the shams!) - this is sooo comfortable and pretty!

Guest Room:

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