Monday, March 1, 2021

Grady’s First Trip to the Dentist

Wow, it’s March 1st! Wild right? I’m so relieved to get to March! I felt like January and February were dragging on. This past week has been wonderful weather wise and I was thinking I would have a flip flop tan by the end of February. Last year it was by the end of March and it’s getting earlier and earlier!


Grady had his first trip to the dentist on Friday and he did SO well! He let them do whatever they needed to do and didn’t mind one bit! It helped that Molly Anne told him exactly what to expect and she was with us since it was Friday and she’s with me every Friday. Good moral support!

He has both of his left side two year old molars. His upper right is working on coming in but no sightings of the bottom right!

We LOVE Dr. Dunlap! She is soooo sweet with both of my kids. 

Now the thumb sucking at bedtime must stop! So far he hasn’t done it since they talked to him about it! Fingers crossed that a little talking did the trick!!

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