Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekend Well Spent

We headed down to the beach on Thursday night after the storms went through. We happened to be in a spot where we barely got rain so then of course we wished we had left later. Oh well!

This boy intermingled his feet in my legs and it was so cute. He really has no idea how to use his tablet (and neither do I) but Molly Anne helps both of us. He loves some blippi on that thing. 

Friday morning I went for a run on the beach and it was unreal. I watched the sun rise and I hadn’t done that in a really long time so I was thankful for the two minutes that it took to rise and that I got to see it. 

These funny rascals are four peas in a pod!

Friday night we headed to Sharkeys for dinner - all 8 of us but called it an early night afterwards! 

Saturday morning we rode to Holden Beach and had lunch at Provision Company. I had the best grouper sandwich and Kevin loved his crab cake and shrimp platter!  The kids ate some cheeseburgers which these days they appear to be able to live off of. 

Saturday afternoon my brother and his crew came to visit and stay the night. The next morning I took my niece and Grady and we went to get coffee. Grady sucked down that whole chocolate milk before we got home aka before Molly Anne saw it!!

Sunday chilling. We stayed at the beach until late afternoon doing laundry and straightening up. I like leaving it in a pretty cleaned up way so next time we go back it’s good to go!

Mills was a circus again on the way back. He won’t stay in the back. I’ve decided it’s because he wants to be as close as possible to us! 

As you can see, he progressively got closer to the front. Then fell asleep. Lazy boy. 

Back to the Monday grind!

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  1. We have an extra set of sheets for each bed at our vacation house. Sunday morning we put the second clean ones one, then leave the dirty ones for the next time we come and we can take our time washing that set while we are there next. And keep the rotation going. Helps to not have to wait for all the laundry to dry on Sunday before we can leave!