Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ocean Isle Beach!

Last Wednesday during work, Kevin and I met at a bank and signed a bunch of documents in front of a notary and the next day took it to an attorney in Brunswick County to have it recorded!  We bought a house in Ocean Isle! I still can't believe it! It's been years in the making. We have talked about getting a place at the beach since we were dating! All of the pieces fell into place for this specific house and it felt right. I remember the day Kevin sent it to me (aka the day it came on the market) and I responded, "yes, that's it!" We were one of four offers and we were able to get it! I even took our diligence check to the previous owners because they live 10 minutes from us in Charlotte. There are some other pretty crazy intricacies that told us it was meant to be. We are SO excited to have a place to retreat to and create lots of family memories!  So yes, that day that I posted a pic of me on the dock - that was the day we went down there to see it for the first time! We figured we should see it before we closed but we already knew it was right. Ya know when ya know!

We weren't able to get keys until it recorded but we had to take the documents in the morning so we had some time to kill in the afternoon! We played at the playground, went to Pelicans for lunch, walked over to the beach, did some errands and then eventually got the call for the key around 4:30pm! It was a long day because we left Charlotte at 7am!  No nap Grady isn't a good thing by about 5pm haha but we figured it out.

We made a pit stop at our friend's place down there and made ourselves right at home! 

Mills made himself comfortable downstairs at their tiki bar!

And this queenie loves their front porch!

Views from our top porch! Popsicles to kick it all off!

She gone!

He gone!

The house came completely furnished which helps SO much. We brought all of our own linens and some other things but they left so much for us. We are so thankful. Mills got himself right up on their sofa. 

On Friday, Kevin worked a bit while Grady napped so Molly Anne and I scooted/ran to meet up with another set of friends for lunch! Planking hah. That night, all three families had a pizza night and caught up!

The dad's took the girls out for breakfast!

Then the mamas took all four kids to the coastal carolina museum which was super fun then back to the playground!

Squishing each other's faces!

We took their scooters down and we logged lots of miles on those.  Mills LOVES the beach.

Blippi helped us out when we had pest control, termite people, the internet installation guy and a garage door guy there all at once!

Saturday night we had a low country boil!

Isn't their view incredible?!

This boy ate at least a pound of shrimp, I'm not kidding!

Mr. Steve adopted him as his godson!

Ice cream on the back deck!

The guys

The gals

Us with our buddy boy!

Took Mills out to the beach on Sunday morning for a little trot.  He was sooooo happy!

We all left the beach happy and refreshed and looking forward to many more fun weekends to come!


  1. That is SOOO exciting! My company just finished their new Town Hall, so I've spent a lot of time up there in the past few years. Congrats!

    1. We went to the Town Hall to do a couple of things and it’s GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. You will definitely love your beach house! We live in GA and have a house on the GA coast. We get there as often as we can. Our 4 grandchildren range from 3 to 16. They just love being there too. Such wonderful memories in the making!

  3. Congratulations!!! Having an escape is a wonderful thing!

  4. Congrats, that is so exciting! My husband is from NC and we go back every year to Sunset Beach but the owners sold the house to become a private residence in 2020 so starting this year we'll vacation at Ocean Isle and we cannot wait!

  5. So exciting!! Congratulations!! I love your necklace! Where is it from? It kinda looks like T&T...

  6. How wonderful! This is one of our dreams/ goals for the near future, too. Everyone we know who has a beach house says it makes going to the beach with littles so much easier.