Friday, March 26, 2021

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!


This combo is delicious and I highly recommend you add it to your grocery order! I’ve been eating a carb balance wrap filled with turkey and sliced mozzarella from the deli for lunch and it’s so good. These tomatoes dipped in hummus is the perfect side!

This pillow is so gorgeous and I had been wanting to get Grady one since he was born and I finally did! Molly Anne has one from when she was born created by the same seller on Etsy. A precious keepsake they will each have forever! Side note - the one I got for Molly Anne I purchased with a gift card that a generous blog reader sent to me when she was born! So sweet right!?! I’ll never forget her kindness!

I had never tried the kale crunch salad at Chick Fil A u til this week and it’s good!! 

Mills got a haircut this week and it always wears him out!

You all think Grady likes Little Bites?!

And just one more....I asked them to go wind down and I came up and found them like this. Sooo sweet. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Grady and those Little Bites is precious! Also, so sweet of them reading together in bed. I love those pillows too, and so sweet about a blog reader being a part of Molly Anne’s!