Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Egg Hunt

On Friday night we had the neighborhood egg hunt at our clubhouse in the lawn and it was so much fun! The kids had a blast! This was Grady's first egg hunt that he really understood and he loved it!

Look at him go!

Of course she loved every second of being on the big kid side this year!

Nana and PapaG came to watch too!

Molly Anne spotted the Easter bunny from a mile away and ran over to him!

Grady was terrified at first but we had talked to him before we went and asked if he would be a big boy and stand next to the bunny for a picture!  After a little convincing and seeing other friends with him, he finally stood on the other side of Molly Anne from the bunny. Soooooo cute. 

Even hugged him, with Molly Anne of course!


The crew!

After the egg hunt we headed to our neighbors and Greer taught Grady how to swing! As you can see from the darkness, we stayed up way past our bedtimes. The weather was fantastic and the kids were having a blast. And rain was in the forecast for the rest of the weekend so we let them stay up. 

Saturday night we took the kids to Basil for dinner to celebrate our anniversary a bit earlier than usual. We weren't going to take them but we ended up just bringing them and it was fun. They really haven't been out to dinner except out at our club in the last year so this was a big treat for them. 

We got ice cream from Marble Slab and hung out by the fountain at Stonecrest for a bit. It turned out to be a nice night!

This one had to drink the rest of his melted ice cream haha! Thankfully chocolate comes out of performance material shirts very easily!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Can you share where you purchased Grady's khaki shorts? I'm having the hardest time finding khaki shorts for my 3.5 year old!

    1. Good timing! I’m posting about them tomorrow! Check Dillards - search Polo Boys shorts