Friday, January 15, 2021

Five on Friday - Workout Mat, Chop chop, Scooter

I don't know who needs to hear this but I've been officially converted to a Lululemon workout mat person. And the following is for real - it's that good!  My other mat was shredding from my running shoes as I jumped up and down and did pushups etc.  This mat is amazing. I went with the thicker mat but not the XL one.  This is the one I have in the black/white/black (marble). It is perfect for strength workouts that I do with my Peloton. Highly recommend. I hear people get them and use them for 6 years and they still look brand new!

Fruits and veggies for the week that I did on Sunday.  Done and done. 

My parent’s neighbor sent me this picture of my Dad with his solo stove and I think it’s great! 

Grady has become quite the scooter professional! He comes with me every evening when I walk Mills! He loves it so much. I know his helmet needs to be fixed. 

Anyone else feel like this week is just slowly moving along? January is the most ugh month and especially these days. I’ve walked a lot of miles this week at night after the kids are in bed. That’s helped my sanity but whew! I’m grinding at work and I’m TRYING to have patience with everything and everyone. I found this in Molly Anne’s folder from school one afternoon this week and it’s so cute. She started in the after school program this week and while the older kids do their homework, she doodles and does these things. Love it! She has the sweetest heart (most of the time ha!)!

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