Friday, October 30, 2020

Five on Friday - Gift tags, Sam, New Teacher for MA

I've been trying to get my act together for Christmas so I ordered some gift tags and stickers in hopes of making things easier this year.  I messaged the seller to ask if she could make the gift tags into stickers too and she said yes so I grabbed some of each! Done and done!

Waiting to get Grady's hair cut at Modern this week.  Sometimes I look over and I'm like are my kids really wearing masks in public?!  Is this our life?!  GAH!

Now that Molly Anne is going to school four days a week in person, we haven't had Sam as much. I'm forever thankful for her taking charge of Molly Anne's online learning from August until now.  She's also saved me when Grady's school closed and I found out the night before a day full of meetings.  Among many other times.  It's comforting to have a babysitter that comes in and takes charge and does it the way you would.  They're hard to find and I'm glad we have her right around the corner! 

This week was treated like the start of a new year at the elementary school.  It was the first week of the new plan that you had to choose four days in person OR go fully virtual from now until the end of the school year.  There was some shifting around of teachers and of course Molly Anne's was the Kindergarten teacher that was chosen to teach the virtual students.  So this made her get moved to a new teacher.  Never a dull moment!  The year of - "It is what it is!"

Yesterday was dress up like a Book Character and of course Molly Anne was Pinkalicious! 

I was supposed to be in Maryland for the day yesterday but we canceled the trip due to Hurricane Zeta coming through.  Big winds and it was supposed to rain all day up there and it would have been awful driving around in that mess looking at real estate.  I gained an entire day and night at home - what a treat!  

We have a fun Halloween weekend coming up.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I'm just so excited for all of the children looking forward to this so much!  Happy Weekend!

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