Wednesday, October 28, 2020

School Lunch Ideas

Long ago, I read on Mix and Match Mama’s blog about how she packs school lunches for the entire week on Sunday night. Genius! When Molly Anne started school she was only going one day a week so it was easy. Then it began two days a week and I made them both on Sunday night before I cleaned up from dinner...that way I only had to clean up once. I also didn’t have to pack a lunch on Monday night after the chaos of a Monday. It worked so well!  This week she goes four days so on Sunday I made lunches for every day. It was easy. Took me 20 minutes and done. I put them in the garage refrigerator and I can pull them out each night to put in her lunchbox for the next morning. These are the lunchboxes I use Yumbox - they do not leak!

Top left:
Turkey and American cheese roll ups 
Veggie straws
Chex mix
Two candy corn

Top right:
Ham and cheddar on longer toothpicks with multi grain crackers
A Reese’s cup - big treat (actually I need to take this out because it’s peanut butter duhhh!)

Bottom left:
String mozzarella cheese
Baby carrots
Salt and vinegar chips
Three skittles

Bottom right:
Havarti slices
Triscuits thin crisps
Honeydew, grapes and blueberries

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  1. Love these ideas! It’s nice to see what others do so I can switch up what I send. I use yumboxes for Reagan, too! They’re great! I bought some fun cocktail pics off of Amazon for her lunches that work perfectly with yumboxes.