Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Earrings, Shampoo Conditioner and Shoes

Wanted to share a few finds!  

1. Love supporting Mama owned small businesses.  Aren't these camo earrings and gold flecked leather fan stud earrings so fun?  I am so tired of all of my "going out" earrings so these are exciting!

2.  My hair has been so dry and uck so my hairstylist told me to get Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner.  HUGE difference. and on Amazon!

3.  A huge splurge but I had a gift card and for two years I've wanted some slip on shoes for running around.  These really do feel like you're walking on air.  I also like that they don't make my foot look 18" long even though I wear a size 8.  The gray tongue is what makes that much better, I think.    

Look how cute the back is.  And I like that not everyone has them!  

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