Monday, October 5, 2020

Fun Weekend

We didn’t have any plans this weekend except dinner out Saturday night but we had a fun weekend!

Friday afternoon playing in the driveway turned into dinner out at the club with a bunch of friends and an awesome band. 

These kids ran wild for hours and LOVED it!

Grady held his own for sure!

Until he crashed!

Came home and toasted to my Uncle Mac who would have loved to have had a cocktail with us. We miss him every day. 

Saturday morning at the soccer field and tennis court!

We played after naps at the playground then stopped by next door for happy hour!  Bella came over to keep the kids and we headed to the Plaza Midwood area for dinner with some school friends at NC Red. 

They’ve set up tables in the neighborhood along the side of the streets and you can get food or drink from wherever and hang out at a table!  The group next to us had some music on and it was a beautiful night. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday morning we got our act together around the house and ready for the week. We were going to go to Aw Shucks to check out some pumpkin festivities but the line to get in was crazy long!  Instead, Brad and Shauna invited us to his parents house which is on a farm and they have a bunch of animals!  The kids LOVED it. We had a blast!  It worked out perfectly!  

Grady got to sit on the tractor!!

Then we scooted down to the Dairy O for ice cream. They have the most delicious shakes!  

And please look at those crinkle cut cheese fries after you see how cute the girls are!

Sweet friends!

This boy hit it hard this weekend!  I kept opening the window on the way home and he wouldn’t stay awake!  Bed times happened before 7 for sure. 

Happy Monday! 

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