Monday, October 26, 2020

Club, Yard Sale, Chill

Friday night we headed over to our club for live music and good times on the back lawn. It’s so much fun and something we look forward to all week, every week ha. The kids LOVE it and so do the adults. ;)

These girls are dance, cheer and tumbling queens! 

Mr. Drew making Grady crack up!

Jen and Gray

Love bucket

The crew minus a few! 

Here’s my dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear! Comes in navy too. 

Saturday morning we set up for the neighborhood yard sale. I had gotten some things together on Friday and Kevin added a few things in. We made probably a little under $200. Not bad! 

Look how packed out it was by our house!  Wild!

Kevin and Molly Anne held down the fort while I took Grady to soccer. 

Saturday afternoon and night we played with neighbors in our driveway and they went and grabbed pizza for everyone. Put the kids to bed and had a fire and called it an early night! 

On Sunday Molly Anne got up and dressed immediately and said she and her daddy had another date morning like last weekend!  So Kevin took her out for breakfast then to Wal-Mart. It cracks me up because he lets her go down the toy aisle every time and expects that he isn’t going to walk out of there without a toy!!  This time, she convinced him to get her a big Spirit stuffed animal. And they picked out a remote control monster truck for Grady! He was so excited!

This is what we did the rest of the day. I did the Sundays with Love ride and loved it this week as usual. She announced at the end of the ride that they were adding Sundays with Love apparel to the website right after the ride. I was sooooo excited to grab some!  It’s been my favorite series of rides for over a year since she started so it was only right I got something!  Eeee!

I picked up groceries during Grady’s nap and snapped this on the way back. Love it!

I did a lot of meal prep on Sunday afternoon so I can survive this week.  Hope everyone has a great week!  I’ve got a few posts coming up this week - school lunches, kid’s schedule and a few other random things!

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