Thursday, October 15, 2020

Grady Home and Molly Anne School

This has been a crazy week mainly due to getting an email from Grady's school at 6pm on Sunday night that said they'd be closed for a week and a half due to a few unrelated covid cases.  This is their first go at this and I'm sure they're learning a lot.  Nonetheless, I had to scramble for childcare so I could work and yada yada yada. And now it's for two weeks!

I also ended up at the doctor on Monday because of the monstrosity of my ankle from the zillion fire ant bites.  They gave me a cortisone shot in my toosh, steriod cream, antibiotic and another oral steriod to start on Tuesday.  But come Tuesday you could see my ankle again and the 20 or so bites were a lot less angry.  And by Tuesday night, I could sleep through the night again.  I was up allll night Sunday and Monday. 

Molly Anne graduated to level 4B for swimming so she's officially learned all four strokes now!  She is loving her new class.  She was kind of getting tired of going to swim class but we pushed through and I think the change of class and instructor has been a good refresh for her!

As you can imagine, Grady is loving life at home with this week with Molly Anne and I.  Yes, he's still crying about 4 out of 5 days when I drop him off at school.  We've been outside a ton this week.  He loves just walking around our neighborhood and finding mud puddles, throwing rocks and being a boy.  And I can get some work done while he does all of that.  He stays on the sidewalk nicely now and is being such a good boy at following instructions!   

Molly Anne started school in mid August going one day a week in person.  We had Sam help her three mornings a week that she was at home and I helped her with schoolwork on Fridays.  Starting in late September, she started going in person to school two days a week so Sam helped us two days a week.  On the 26th, she starts four days a week in person!  That'll be huge and at that point, Sam won't be helping us anymore except here and there.  I've been so grateful to have Sam with us, as she's been a huge saving grace.  I know how lucky we are to be able to afford to have Sam and I don't take it for granted!  She gives me sanity by letting me be able to work! 

Speaking of work, my office is fully open as of this past Monday and we are expected to be at the office daily.  We had been working off an A B schedule since middle of May for being in the office but now it's back to 5 days a week. Of course this occurs on the week that Grady's school is shut down.  Thankful for understanding co-workers and bosses!  

Oh I could keep going on and on yall but I've gotta roll!  Hope everyone is having a good week!

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