Friday, October 16, 2020

Walks, Molly Anne's Sports, New Cocktail

Hello Friday!  I haven't been able to exercise this week and it's been less than fun.  I have been able to do some strength classes but I can't wear shoes yet because of the ants gahh.  I'm hoping that resolves soon because I need to sweat for my mental stability!

Mills has been extra sweet lately. Actually, he's always sweet.  He was sooooo tired when I took this picture.

He cuddled right up to my friend Nina!  He made himself right at home on top of her!  Funny boy.

Grady and I have gone on a lot of walks this week and the boy loves it!  He runs and is just all boy out there.  It's so good for him. 

And he ALWAYS has his "mont truck" with him in one hand!  He doesn't do many things in a day without a monster truck!

This is six weeks at Steps in Motion. Her progress is amazing and she loves it so much!  She's taking Jazz and also tumbling.  These are probably her favorite extra curriculars at the moment!  I'm so proud of her for jumping right in and trying something new!  And Grady in the background trying to do splits cracks me up!

Speaking of extra curriculars, I almost think Swim is more essential to life rather than fun all of the time, if that makes sense?  I'm glad she's continuing at Charlotte Aquatics.  They're really amazing there.  They had spirit week this week and we happened to go twice because of her new level and moving to a different day and time.  Monday was Superhero Day!

Also, I feel like it's a good time to share why I signed her up for a million activities this Fall - because I didn't think she'd be in school and she needs the socialization!  Playing things by ear for when school starts to be in person for four days a week!

And Wednesday was Disney Day!

Look at this picture...she is in the middle and the other two girls in her class on either side.  They're doing a drill for working on their diving.  She's so much shorter and younger than them!  It's unreal but I love that she's up for the challenge of another new stroke and getting stronger on the others.  

I made a new cocktail this week for when I had a couple of friends over and it's a White Cosmo.  Got the recipe from my friend Ashley that I grew up with.  It's supposed to have White Cranberry juice but Teeter only had White Cran Peach.  It was good but I'd like to try it with how it's supposed to be done.  Walmart is evidently the place for White Cranberry if anyone is going to try this recipe!  Delicious this way too!

Grady needed an Orioles hat according to my parents that live in Maryland!! Isn't he so cute?  I'm obsessed, obviously. 

A boy and his dog on a walk!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I ordered a couple of pairs of earrings and some shoes that I'll hopefully get to chit chat about next week.  

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