Friday, October 23, 2020

Six on Friday - Mills, Cardigan, Framed Art, Grass, Grady

A little boy and his wheelbarrow.  Nannie and Poppa gave it to him for Christmas last year but now at 2.5 years old, he's really starting to use it a lot! 

I grabbed this cardigan from Old Navy last week during a sale and received it this week.  It's so comfortable, not itchy, warm and good quality for the price.  I'm glad I got two colors because I'll be living in them this winter!  Make sure you get it on sale!

Episode 800 million how amazing Mills is!  He is just happy that someone is touching him!  Typical golden retriever.  

And she brushed him this week and whispered all of these cute things in his ear while she took care of him.  It was sweet.  Then the next day she colored his tail red with sidewalk chalk.  

A local artist in Charlotte did this watercolor of our house for me earlier this year and I hadn't gotten it framed yet.  Just wasn't high on my priority list.  I kept seeing ads for Framebridge and I had heard that they do a good job so I said what the heck and made it happen.  I must say, it was the easiest process.  First you take a picture of your art then you upload that and you can get an idea of how it'll look in the frame options.  You select your frame, pay for it then they ask how you want to get the art to them.  They sent me a prepaid flat box to send it to them in and it was so easy.  A week later, the art was framed and returned to me.  Magical.  The whole process was really well done and very reasonable too.  This was about $100 to have framed which is cheap in the grand scheme of custom framing!  And the best part was I didn't have to leave my house!  Now, where to hang this special piece of art?!

It has been almost three weeks since we aerated and seeded and this was after the first mow!  Look how pretty and velvety!  We stayed off of it completely....we walked Mills down the street every day a few times instead of letting out in the backyard!  The backyard looks good too.  We are about to do some drainage work back there (talk about not fun money to spend!) and that's going to improve it over time as well.  Whoop whoop, I love good looking grass!  Our new yard guys are killing it!  

The child that is impossible to discipline because he's so cute.  I think Kevin's going to have to deal with this one!  It occurred to me that perhaps he has had some practice in timeout at school because he sat on the step for two minutes without getting up.  I was shocked!  Bless his little heart. 


  1. Aww! Cute Grady! I love his little wheelbarrow too! We've been working on our grass this fall too. I hate dumping so much money into it, but it is satisfying to see a beautiful lawn. It is so constant!

  2. I’ve thought about using Framebridge before, but I’ve had it in my mind that it’s more expensive than going local. For reference, what size is the print? Wondering bc $100 is certainly reasonable!! Thanks!

  3. In my experience it’s more difficult to discipline a child of opposite gender. My friends with girls have to be the disciplinarian and my husband has to be that with our boys!

  4. Hey Ali,
    This frame is about 10" tall and 14" wide!