Monday, October 19, 2020

Weekend At Home

Friday afternoon, Kevin was home early from work so while Grady was still asleep, I took Molly Anne, Maggie and Mills for a quick bike ride to the playground!

It was a beautiful day!  Mills got right up on the playground with the girls!

Kevin’s back has been really hurting him and his doc sent him to the ortho urgent care which is an after hours thing and opened at 5:30pm Friday night. So while he did that, the kids and I played, ate frozen pizza for dinner, FaceTimed with Anna Kate then took the golf cart around the hood and visited with neighbors playing outside. 

Kevin’s next step on his back is an MRI next week then a follow up the week later. I hope he gets some relief because he’s pretty miserable. 

Molly Anne and Grady had tennis and soccer Saturday morning!  Hand-me-down shep shirts from her cousins are the best!  She has loved playing tennis!

Nap time on Saturday!

I took him for a golf cart ride while the house was quiet! 

I picked up Mexican food for dinner from Margaritas then we had a chill night. I worked on Grady’s tractor costume for Halloween. Molly Anne made a fort and slept in her unicorn sleeping bag on the floor in it all night. This is a star gazing projector that my friend Sarah told me about!  I got it on Prime day and Molly Anne brought it in off the front porch and opened it before Grady and I came inside. So that’s one less Christmas gift ha! It’s super cool though!

Kevin took Molly Anne to breakfast and to Target Sunday morning which was incredibly helpful!  Grady has croup again so I had been up from 2:30-5:30am worrying about him.  He and I laid low while they got to do something fun together. And get a few things for me at Target. Win win! 

I got grocery shopping done at 4am while I was up worrying so I grabbed that through the express lane and then jumped on the bike for a noon Sundays With Love with my friend Jodie. It’s always so good to do this ride. Highly recommend taking it live too. 

This one was supposed to be reading on Raz Kids but was watching some jojo siwa stuff. I’m trying to be nice by calling it stuff!!!

After nap time we played outside!  A little sunshine is always a good thing. 

Kevin made us leftovers for dinner and Molly Anne was in the bed early because it was a school night!  Grady always loves a little extra time with only Mama and Daddy!

Happy Monday!

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