Thursday, October 8, 2020

This Week

This week has been pretty blah if I'm being real honest.  I traveled to Winston for the day on Tuesday so Kevin picked Molly Anne up from school and of course was like 3rd in carline!  It was nice to travel again for work even though I only drove an hour and a half north.  I felt like me again and less like Mama for that short day.  
I need to do a post on how this whole covid thing has stalled Mom's careers.  And yes in some cases both parents but overall, I really do think it's a Mom issue mostly. It's just my thoughts and what I've seen on some other career boards and things like that.  It's a tough thing.  I'm WAY over covid like most of us are.  Even my 5 year old told me when we were driving the other day how she wants the corona virus to be gone.  And she doesn't hear me complain because I don't around them.  But a 5 year old notices more than we know!   
These blue pumpkins made by a local Mama certainly brightened up this week.  My tiny dancer in the middle is super sweet.  She asked to be in the picture, so duh, of course!

Her flexibility and tumbling skills have improved so much since she started at Steps in Motion this year.  

Playdate at a CMS (Charlotte Mecklenburg) playground since they're not in school!

Lemonade after being so hot at the playground and of course we got Grady one too for when we picked him up from school!

Golf cart ride right when we got home!

Snuggled in after dinner and baths for about 10 minutes of TV.  Molly Anne set them up there like that and asked Grady if he wanted the fuzzy or soft side of the blanket then spread it out over them.

Happy Thursday to all!

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