Thursday, October 22, 2020

Croup and School Chaos

I am REALLY trying to roll with the punches these days but whew.  I am keeping it close to reality because I know it could truly be so much worse.  These are not big problems in the grand scheme of life.  They're temporary and I know that. But dang, one thing after another yall!

I learned a Mama lesson this week and that is to TRUST YOUR GUT.  If you think you should give your child a steriod medicine to prevent a big croup episode then do it.  Don't think, oh I'll give it to him if he wakes up with it.  Sunday morning at 2:30am I heard the croup cough.  He sounded raspy all day Sunday but wasn't terrible and acted totally fine, had a good appetite, normal!  I debated all day if I'd give him Decadron that night before bed.  Croup is always the worst at night!  I didn't do it because I never want to give them that type of drug (or any for that matter) if they don't REALLY need it.  Yall it was zero to 100 at 10:22pm.  After 20+ croup escapades with my children, you'd think I would have learned by now.  

This was by far the worst and it was so scary.  He had incredibly raspy breathing and he didn't sound all.  I ran downstairs, crushed the pill in folded wax paper (something I learned from my 4am studying session the night before), suctioned it up with apple juice.  Then I had to get him to take it.  He isn't good in the middle of the night to give medicine to...he fights it.  I got him up out of bed, knowing he had to get this steriod in him and FAST.  I stayed calm because that was the last thing he needed - a crazy mother (even though I felt very crazy!). I said, "Grady, do you want a piece of chocolate?" And he nodded yes.  I said then take this apple juice medicine and you can have any chocolate you want.  So that's what we did.  And yes, I'm so thankful I can bribe him now....last year that wouldn't have flown.  

We watched tractors and monster trucks on my iPad wrapped up in a big blanket out on the porch to suck in that cool air and waited for the medicine to kick in.  Took awhile this time.  Couldn't go to the ER because the only other thing they would do was a special inhalation that he had to be monitored for.  I knew he wasn't to that point, or at least I didn't think he was.  Also, covid.  I wouldn't chance that.  I then determined in my head that worst case, I will literally put him in the car and we will drive around in the cool air all night long. I liked having that as my back up plan.  

He went back to bed about 12:30am and he slept pretty well.  Woke up raspy but okay.  He was fine on Monday during the day.  I was prepping for night 2/3 to be the worst but after consulting with the pediatrician, they said I could give him the decadron again that night if need be but he'd need to be seen in the office the next morning.  I liked having a second back up plan! ;)  Thankfully, the night went smoothly.  The elevated mattress, vicks, humidifier, all clean sheets/towels every night, zyrtec, flonase, a zillion liquids of any kind he would drink.  All of the things.  They worked and he slept soundly all night long and no episodes!  Some minor coughing but I can deal with that.  Hasn't had a fever the whole time.  All good news. So he's good to go now.  But trust your gut!!


On Tuesday I was working at home and I got a call from Molly Anne's principal.  Her teacher is becoming the virtual teacher for Kindergarten, effective Monday 10/26.  This is the start of a new plan that our county is doing.  Children will go to school four days a week in person and the virtual students will be virtual through the end of the year.  But each grade level has a teacher that is becoming the sole virtual teacher.  So, basically, Molly Anne is getting a new teacher.  And she knows the new one because they've all taught Kindergarten together this year but it's still a bummer and more change.  We presented it to her in a very positive way and Molly Anne is pretty flexible about stuff like this.  She is thrilled and hasn't missed a beat!  I always think us parents care more about this stuff than the children.  She's happy as a lark and can't wait to be at school four days a week! 

Next week should be a good week - Grady's school reopens after two weeks of being closed due to covid.  Molly Anne's school will be in four days a week.  I'm going to travel for work one of the days.  I'm looking forward to having more of a set schedule.  I have SO much going on with work right now I'm really drowning in that.  But here we are.  Theme of 2020 - it is what it is!

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  1. Poor Grady!! I'm so sorry to read about another croup episode for your house, but a great reminder to me to trust my "mom" gut!! We are dealing with a cold for our 6-year old and man, it is scary to be sick during COVID times!!

    So awesome that school will be back 4 days a week! Reading things like that make me hopeful that we are working our way towards normal!!