Monday, November 2, 2020

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Our neighborhood had the most wonderful Halloween party for the children on Saturday!  It was the perfect day weather wise for it and they had it in the large field near in the common area!  Plenty of room to spread out and have some fun! They had a food truck for everyone, raffles, an amazing DJ that had dancing contests, the annual parade and more. It was truly so much fun for everyone!  A great event of normalcy in the midst of corona chaos. Well done neighborhood ladies who put this together. It was awesome!  

My friend Jen’s husband said Grady won the costume contest. I think his name just happened to be first in the list! ;) Can yall believe that this terribly uncrafty person made his costume?! When I asked him about a month ago what he wanted to be, he said TRAC-TA! So duh, that’s what we did! I did a google search and some cute homemade tractor costumes popped up so those were my inspiration!  Couple amazon boxes, some spray paint and ribbon and it happened!

Molly Anne, the rainbow unicorn, won some candy for dancing and I think her highlight was helping to lead the parade! 

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