Monday, November 9, 2020

Mountains Trip - Days One and Two

Hey everyone!  

On Thursday we left to go to Banner Elk with two other families and we had the BEST weekend.  It was equally relaxing, easy and felt like non corona, normal life.  And good for the soul in a big way!  Thankful for real deal friends and all of the good talks and fun times!

Here is a little recap.  I'll also include how we did meals in case you find yourself getting away with other families for a weekend trip!

We took Molly Anne out of school an hour early and she missed PE class then we came home, packed the car and grabbed Grady on the way out of town.  This way, they both had eaten lunch and Grady had had his nap! We left about 2:15 and got there at 4:30.  It was an easy ride up the mountain!  Neither of them had ever seen the mountains so they were like whoaaaa!  And these are just North Carolina mountains!

We rented a sweet house!  It was simply perfect for three families because there were three king rooms, all on different levels and a kid's room with twin beds.  

A tired little boy!

We had a little too much fun the first night due to excitement and Kellie's jello shots! Haha! 

The next morning we got ready and headed to downtown Blowing Rock.  First some pictures on the rocks outside of the house!

The playground in downtown blowing rock is awesome so the guys stayed there with the kids and the mamas went to shop for a little bit!  Then we all went to Blowing Rock Brewery for lunch! Kid's table and parent's table was perfect!

We took Grady and Kevin home and then Molly Anne and I met up with everyone at a local trout fishing place.  We had the best time and caught 5 or 6 fish total!  Molly Anne caught her first fish!  They filleted them for you so we froze them then we will have them soon!

@drinkmoorecocktails spicy margaritas were up for mexican on Friday night!

The kids ran wild all night and we played cards and had a good ole time!  Next up Saturday and Sunday...  


  1. Cards Against Humanity is the best for an adult game night! So many laughs.

  2. Would you mind sharing the trout fishing location? Thanks!