Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Birthday Wish List

Every year Kevin always asks me starting about two months in advance of my birthday what I would like! I think it makes it easier for him to mentally know what I have my eye on! So I thought I'd share it with you.  

I'd love a new gray crossbody purse that is versatile and can be dressed up or down. Now that we aren't going to a bunch of weddings, it's not essential that it's super dressy.  This is the one I love!  It zips on top so you don't have to worry about your things falling out of it.  
Fun fact - I always wear a tank top under a sweatshirt or athletic shirt during the Fall and Winter!  This is my favorite tank of the moment and I've raved about it on here before.  This color and the green are so pretty!  

I've also raved about this long sleeve shirt from Lulu that is simply the best.  It's so comfortable and I want it in every color.  You can even pull it off your shoulder and dress it up...or wear it with leggings around the house!  True to size.

Perfume - I'm always on the hunt for perfume that I love but nothing will compare to Creed - Spring Flower for a winter scent (I only wear it on special occasions!).  An ex-boyfriend's Mom (umm like 15 years ago) got me addicted to that haha!
This Tocca Florence is a very close second and much more reasonable!  They have this $24 size that would be such a great gift for someone for Christmas!

I'm planning to do some holiday gift guides as well and have a few ideas jotted down.  Any special requests?

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