Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Grady is 2.5!

Thankful for Veterans today and every day! Their sacrifice does not go unnoticed in our family! Molly Anne and I are doing a little something special today to help out in our community and I encourage you to do the same.  


Grady turned 2.5 on Monday so I wanted to jot a few notes down about him at this age! I always love going back and checking these out!

1.  He’s 38.2 pounds 98%, 38” 88% (he grew 2.5” in 6 months), 95% bmi, wearing size 3T, size 8 shoes, size 6 diaper and full of preciousness!

2.  He sleeps from 7-7 at night and takes a 2-2.5 hour nap every day, usually 12-2:30 at home and they nap 12:30-2:30 at school. He catches up on the weekend and sometimes sleeps 3+ hours. And still goes back to bed at 7. He’s a good little sleeper. Thanks Moms on Call for that. 

3.  He eats pretty much most things except peas. He will eat broccoli and green beans whenever I serve them but not the whole portion. I’m just glad he tries them! He loves all fruits, pasta, steaks, chicken, eggs, all of the things!

4.  His favorite things are trac-tas (tractors), golf cart rides, playing with yon-yon (Molly Anne), mont (monster) trucks and all construction equipment. We drive by a lot of construction sites!  He can spot a truck, bus, dump truck or cement truck from a mile away and points out every one as we drive around!

5.  He has started calling Mills by his name instead of D. He has always called all dogs “D!”  His little lovey is D as well. He LOVES dogs and is very obsessed with Mills. And the feeling is mutual. Mills loves Grady playing with him, laying on him and just touching him. It’s attention to him!

6.  He hasn’t moved to a big boy bed yet. We moved Molly Anne around 2.5 because we needed the crib for Grady a few months later but I think Grady will stay in his crib for awhile longer. He loves it and it’s one of the remaining parts of “my baby!”  But I have started looking at beds for him..! 

7.  We haven’t crossed the potty training bridge yet either because I have no rush for Grady to grow up. And I also think it’s way easier the closer they get to 3.  At least that’s what my one previous experience taught me! His school will take the lead on it and I’ll follow their ways. They are the pros!  I potty trained Molly Anne when Grady about 2 months old and the days of holding Grady while giving him a bottle and wiping Molly Anne’s toosh are still very much at the front of my mind. Thankfully there will be no infants involved this time though! 

8. He loves to go on walks and say “hiiii” to everyone he sees then give them a “hug” as he reaches out his arms. He has the sweetest heart and doesn’t have many shy bones in his body!

9.  He loves to play dress up and scoot all of his tractors and monster trucks around the house. The plasma car that my friend Regina gave Molly Anne (ha!) is Grady’s favorite outside toy by far!  That thing has gotten a million miles on it and we’ve gone through four pairs of shoes since March because he scoots them along the concrete when he rides it!  Second in line is probably his drive-around tractor!  

10.  On November 9th, his exact 2.5 year birthday, he finally stopped crying when I dropped him off at school!  Hasn’t cried since but cried almost every day before that!

We love our silly, sweet and lovable little boy so much!!  Never grow up!  You’re going to live with me forever little love bucket!!

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