Friday, November 6, 2020

Five on Friday

1.  Election Day! We all dressed in red white and blue!

The day I actually voted with my assistants!

2.  Molly Anne had off school on Election Day so she spent the day at my office. During lunch we went to American Girl to pick out some Christmas gifts for our niece! 

3. Mills laying in Grady’s room while he was at school! 

The love is fierce!

4. Picture Day at school for this cutie on Monday!

5. We had Dubose pictures taken on Wednesday!  Molly Anne had hers done at age 2.5 so I wanted to have Grady’s taken at the same age. And I figured why not have Molly Anne photographed while she still has all of her baby teeth!  These pictures on our wall are legit what I would grab if our house is on fire! They’re sooooo special. Grady really was super happy and giggly during his little session. Molly Anne was a tad uptight and fake smiling but he opened her right up. He’s magical!

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