Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mountains Trip - Days Three and Four

Saturday morning we headed to Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock to check it out.

If you stand on this platform on one side it shows one person to be taller than the other.  

Vortex room was super cool!

Grady's favorite part! 

We had old time photos done which was hilarious! 

We came back to the house and the guys took the older kids to a creek to fish and play around.  The girls stayed home while Grady napped.  We chit chatted on the back porch!

A pretty picture of the house!

The guys came back and Grady woke up.  Kevin and I took Grady on a walk which he loved!

Hanging out with the kids!

Grady loves Mr. Michael!  

And trac-tas!

We got up Sunday morning, packed up, got the house put back together and headed home.  We got home before 12, did a lot of laundry, picked up Mills, took baths and got ready for the week! Grady was so excited to see Mills!

So the way we did meals was we all got together the weekend before and planned out which family was going to be in charge of what meals then filled in the other stuff.  We had three nights and three families so we each took a night for dinner and the next morning for breakfast.  Then one day for lunch we went out and the other day one of us brought lunchmeat and PB&J stuff.  We also split up "festive" drinks.  One brought mimosas, one brought bloody mary ingredients and I brought @drinkmoorecocktails! 

Hilary brought ziti and salad stuff for the first night.  She made the ziti before she came so since we were all getting into town, it was easy to pop in the oven for the first night!  She had also made an egg casserole for the next morning!

We were in charge of sheet pan nachos so I browned the hamburger meat the morning we left so it was good for the next day.  Kevin made them that night. The next morning we did pancakes, sausage, scrapple and bacon! 

Kellie was in charge of steaks, baked potatoes and Caesar salad.  Michael threw some hot dogs on the grill for the kids. And she did a continental breakfast the morning we all left so we could easily get out the door!

We filled in with paper towels, foil, baggies, fruit, appetizer stuff, desserts, we just split all of that up and made it work!

Thankfully I traveled with the traveling pros and they knew the best way to do all of this!

We have a round two of this same crew traveling and we are excited!   


  1. So fun!!! Thank you for sharing the meals - we have lots of weekend ski trips in the months ahead so this is super helpful!

    Question for you - what did you have Grady sleep in? I am planning to bring our pack 'n play and one of our regular crib sheets, but my youngest LOVES her crib, so I'm already a bit concerned that sleep will be hard....

    1. He slept in our pack and play! You can get a thicker mattress from amazon that’s is a lot more comfortable to go in it! And a smaller pack n play crib sheet that fits that!

    2. And PS - Thank you for your ALWAYS kind and sweet comments!! xo