Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Few Other Things

Last week we volunteered on Veterans Day delivering care packages to veterans across Charlotte.  It was such a special event to be a part of and Molly Anne and I got a lot out of it.  

I also attended a girl's night out to learn how to make a charcuterie board and AR Workshop was there to help us make a board to take home!

A rainy morning for carpool line! 

Check out that storm that we flew through on the way to Maryland.  It was bumpy on a little plane! 

I'm not going full on Christmas decorations yet but I got Grady a tree through Wal-Mart pick up last week.  Here is the link to his but it's showing out of stock online.  Check your local store through pick up or going in though because I bet they have it!  ***Actually, I found it here at Target for cheaper, $15!***  I picked out this tree skirt for him...most masculine I could find!

So we put it up on Saturday morning while Kevin took Molly Anne out for breakfast.  He got so much joy out of it and loved the little truck ornaments I grabbed for him!  We also put Molly Anne's up and she decorated it when she came home!  She loved that surprise!  

Sunday night I spent about 2 hours on my computer hammering out some Christmas shopping. It felt very productive!  I only have a few people left plus a class gift I need to organize.  

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