Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dinners this week

Anyone else in a dinner making rut?  I texted my friend Ashley last week and told her and she was like that's funny because I just told my husband the same thing.  I think we've all cooked SO much since March that we are done with it!

My SIL and I were chatting Sunday about what we make and she gave me some good ideas and I gave her some.  It's always good to get new ideas from people.  Here is what I'm making this week:

1. Sheet pan chicken fajitas.  I used the Smart Chicken Organic tenderloins.  Yes, they're more expensive but they really are that much better.  And my SIL told me about the Badia brand of seasoning for tacos and fajitas so I grabbed some of that at Teeter this weekend.  It really is delicious and tastes more authentic.  I just marinated the chicken and peppers in olive oil and the seasoning for a day before I threw it on a pan and into the oven for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.  Served it with grapes for the kids.  Easy meal for when I'm in the office that day.

2.  Italian Salads

3.  Taco Salads - I always like to have these on days I'm at the office too because I'll make the meat the night before and dinner is basically done when I get home.  

4.  Egg Roll in a Bowl

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