Monday, July 13, 2020

Pool Weekend

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

Ready for the pool!  Her suit is from Mini Boden but they don't have it anymore!  I love their suits for her though.  Very well made and hold their color!

We went to a farm birthday party on Friday afternoon and the kids had a blast!  Grady chased the chickens and constantly yelled for the tractor!

My friend took this and sent it to me and it couldn't be more accurate of life at the moment!  Sweet boy.

Saturday morning I had to get new tires and an oil change.  Kevin took the kids to the pool and I met them over there.  These two pictures crack me up - dads versus mamas.  Ain't that the truth!

Sunscreen, snacks, bathroom, all of the mamaaaaaa things!  While the guys chill in the pool during adult swim. Funny!

Grady skipped his nap on Saturday and we stayed until 3:30pm!  It's easy to pack a lunch and stay there all day so that's what we did.  When we went home, we all took showers and the kids got on their pajamas.  They had some TV time, an early dinner and bed at 6:30pm!  

We actually snuck out after a gal from across the street came over to babysit.  We just went over to our club and sat on the patio but it was the first time we have gotten out by ourselves and it was so nice!  It was also amazing not to put my kids to bed for the first time in 4 months.  Everyone needs a little break! ;)

When we got home, some friends joined us back on our porch for some social distancing social time.  Glad we built that big ole porch!

Yesterday we laid low all morning.  We all took naps and I meal prepped for the week during their naptime.  We went to the pool for a couple of hours after nap and before dinner.  Easy little Sunday.  We had egg rolls in a bowl last night for dinner (Grady gobbled it right up!) and tonight we are having pizza casserole with this low carb crust.  I wrapped up the weekend with a 4 mile trot with my friend Jen.  Always good to start the week like that. 

Happy Monday!  I'm getting my hair cut today for the first time since February and I can't wait!

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