Monday, July 6, 2020

4th Weekend in Pawleys

We had the most fun weekend in Pawleys at my brother and SIL's house!  

We left our house around 9am on Friday morning and knew we'd make it to Sumter around 11 in time for an early lunch and ideally Grady would nap from there to Pawleys which is about 2 hours.  He typically naps around 12pm so it all sounded ideal but I knew it wouldn't really happen.  He maybe slept 40 minutes which was fine. In Sumter we got drive thru Chick Fil A and had a little picnic in the Staples parking lot where Kevin took Molly Anne in to use the bathroom and I serviced Mills and Grady haha.  Staples was a pretty low key place to go into versus a Wal-Mart.  No one was in there and we wore our masks. It really did feel odd to be going in a place!  

We arrived and went straight out to the end of the dock.  The view is so amazing and never gets old. 

I went to grab our groceries we had ordered at their local grocery store and they came home from camping at about the same time. It's easy to order groceries and that's what Emily and I both did.  We had coordinated lists earlier that week.  She usually gets everything but she doesn't need to be doing that every time we go down there!

Uncle Clay took us on a boat ride that evening.  Emily put Grady to bed which was a nice treat for Grady and I both ha!   

We went next door to their neighhor's house who just built a rooftop deck and isn't the view unreal?!

A nighttime cruise at high tide and we had to duck under this bridge to get through haha. 

Saturday was Molly Anne's birthday!  I had taken some presents down for her to open and they gave her some super fun outdoor toys too!  Emily always gets things from the Toy Isle and they have the most fun things there.  

We packed up and went over to the creek beach for the day.  Grady likes a boat ride!  Actually both of the kids do.  Molly Anne asked constantly to go out on the boat haha.  

Happy girl on her 5th birthday!!

Grady had so much fun out there.  He kept running down the beach and into the water and splashing head first.  Totally normal and fine!  

He powered through his normal nap time and had himself a fun day!  There was no stopping him!

She loved her new mermaid tail!  She really wanted one but all I read about were drownings if you weren't a really good swimmer.  This one is for "toddlers" and goes up to size 5T and her feet can stick out of the bottom and she can walk in it.  It is perfect for her.  She can pretend she's a mermaid as she wanted but it's safe (in my opinion!) too.  

We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and had pretzel salad, macaroni and potato salads.  I had brought some cupcakes with us to celebrate the birthday girl!  They got pulled off the counter by a little boy so they were pretty messed up but Molly Anne didn't care - haha - they still tasted the same!  

Five years old!  Such a fun birthday to have - July 4th!

So grown up and going to kindergarten!!!  Unreal!

We watched fireworks from the dock!

Sunday morning I took Mills down the dock.   He loved running up and down it and stopping to look for fish or whatever he heard/smelled.  

Grady buddy boy!  He was taken GOOD care of this weekend.  The girls just loved getting him bathed and playing with him so much.  Two older girl cousins plus an older sister = a happy Grady!

My kids didn't want to leave yesterday.  One told us she didn't want to leave and we could just tell Grady didn't!  Back to reality at home this week!  Always good to be home but thankful for the memories with family!

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