Thursday, July 9, 2020

Swim Team, Tad of normalcy, Lawn Scribe

Our neighborhood started an internal swim team this week.  They'll only practice and it's a few days a week.  No meets.  They practice social distancing and all of that.  Most importantly it's been an exciting thing for Molly Anne to look forward to every day.  She needs the social interaction.  She needs the structure.  It's outside, it's a healthy thing to do, it's all of the right things.  So far, she LOVES it and I'm so glad! 

Last night we went to our club and had dinner out on the patio and the kids played in the grass beside the tables and for about an hour, life felt normal.  It was so nice!  I keep thinking back to how much fun we had!  We saw some friends there and that was exciting too! 

Little Grady hanging out in his crib this morning waiting for one of us to come get him.  That little thumb sucker!  He's so sweet. 

@lawnscribe came by and put these awesome letter decorations out a couple of days before Molly Anne's birthday since we would be out of town on the actual day!  How cute are they?  Lawn Scribe is serving the south Charlotte and Marvin/Waxhaw areas if you're interested!  Such a fun way to celebrate a birthday!  Email or find on Instagram at @lawnscribe

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