Monday, July 20, 2020

Pool Life

I really don’t have anything crazy from the weekend except we were at the pool every day.  Each time looked a little different so here we go. You’ll see from these pictures but my kids legit LOVE the pool. Plus there’s really nothing else to do these days so it’s pretty amazing to have right up the road and to take the golf cart to. 

Friday night my friend Jen’s husband picked up Mama’s Pizza for us to have at the pool for dinner. That was super fun.  The husbands trickled in when they got home from work. 

Grady played with Graysen for hours this weekend. And jumped in repeatedly at least 100 times per day. 

Saturday morning started with a 6 mile trot that was sooooo humid and hot. Even though it was only 72 degrees at 6am, the humidity is out of control. 

Back to the pool at 10am when it opened. It was one of those days that you had to be in it!  I had packed lunches and the three of us cruised up there. Kevin joined us after he finished working.

Double trouble!  She gave him a bunch of snacks so he was an extra happy boy!

Grady played through his nap and we stayed until 3pm ish.  

Then we all went home, took showers and had some downtime. I went out and grabbed 521 BBQ for us for dinner and that was good.  Early to bed for me. I HAD to sleep!  I hadn’t slept in many nights and had run too much this past week. My legs were sore!

Sunday morning we all chilled around the house. When Grady went to bed at 12 for his nap, I took Molly Anne back to the pool and the same crowd was there ha.  Three days in a row! 

We bopped home about 3:30 when Grady got up from his nap and we played out back. We had taco night at our house and then Nana and PapaG came to say hello!  

It was a weekend well spent!  

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