Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Maryland This Week

We are having a fun week in Maryland with my parents! 

Saturday night we had crab cakes, corn and tomatoes. The crab came right off the boat in Crisfield, MD.  Dad cooks corn like this. 2 minutes per cob. He does chop off the bottom so it’s flat in the microwave and it makes pealing the husk easier. It’s perfect!

Molly Anne are most of her crab cake. Grady ate some of it. But I’m just glad they had it!  Always good to try new foods.  Well Molly Anne has had crab many times and Grady has some last year too but you know. 

Sprinkle a little old bay on ya corn!

Loveable little Grady. He’s so loving these days. He always wants a big group hug!

Sunday we drove over to Assateague to see the wild horses!  We saw a bunch and it made Molly Anne’s day!  They were just like Spirit - wild and free!

Then we stopped by the outside window of Dumsers and grabbed ice cream to eat in the car.  We drove around Ocean City and checked things out. It was semi crowded but not like it usually would be.  We weren’t stepping foot on that boardwalk or on any rides though. No way!

Back hanging out in the street talking to neighbors and playing. What we grew up doing ha!  My parents borrowed a bike for Molly Anne from a local bike shop so she’d have one to ride while she’s been home. Let me tell y’all - she has put some miles on that thing!!  My parents live on a culdesac street so she goes down to the culdesac and back!  She thinks she’s a big girl doing that by herself. Of course my parents know everyone that lives down there so it’s safe don’t y’all worry. I brought Grady’s favorite scooter (plasma car!) with us so he has been cruising around the streets too. Flying down my parents driveway as fast as possible and getting a head start by beginning in their garage. Crazy boy!!  

Sunday night Dad picked up crabs from Old Mill for take out and we had them after the kids went to bed!  I love picking crabs!!  We always have fun doing that together!  No one gets it unless you grew up doing it!

Monday we kinda just hung around the house messing around. We played outside a ton. After nap, we headed over to our church’s playground and played with my friend Ashley’s girls!  They happened to be here from Raleigh at the same time as us.  Ashley and I grew up together.  So this was a big treat to get together!  

And it was a big treat because neither of our kids had been on a playground since March because they’re still closed in North Carolina! 

I’ve never had to bathe my kids twice but I did after this little playground date!  They had a BLAST!

Sweet friends!!

Mom of course got a Smith Island cake for us to enjoy. Grady is a fan!!  Molly Anne is obsessed and is at the point of expecting it when we come here now!  They always have something written on it and this year it was, “We love you all so much!”

Grady is also a big fan of Poppa!  Poppa poppa poppa!

Tuesday I took the kids to the beach!  Stay tuned for that recap!

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  1. Love picking crabs! And it’s definitely something you have to grow up with. Everyone I’ve introduced it to gets frustrated and gives up.