Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Corona Days

Wasn't sure if I've really written on here lately about what we are doing for childcare and basically how I'm managing the kids and working.  And what the Fall is looking like.  Not that anyone cares but it may be good for documenting life these days.

After 8 weeks of no childcare, I really needed help.  I'm really busy with work and was back in mid May when I was about at my limit.  I decided to have a neighborhood babysitter come over as she was home from college at Carolina for the summer.  She has been coming 2-3 days a week for part days.  Depending on the week, another babysitter that's in high school, that used to babysit for us on Saturday nights, has been coming over as well. 

This has helped me so much with work.  My office reopened mid May and we are split into Team A and Team B.  Team A goes in on Monday and Wednesday and Team B goes in on Tuesday and Thursday.  All work from home on Friday.  It works and the goal is just to have less people in the office.  We all mostly have our own offices and our space is pretty spread out as it is.  

Who knows what happens this Fall.  Grady's daycare opens back early August and we are planning for him to go there.  If public schools are 100% remote (gasp!!) in North Carolina, Molly Anne may go private for Kindergarten.  I don't really know what else to do for her.  Both kids need the social interaction.  I need to work.  She and I don't do well on schoolwork together, she really needs another person that has an education background and not me that gets frustrated by it all.  I'm not a teacher!

All of my teacher friends also say how important it is for Elementary aged children to have in person instruction.  The good part is, everyone is in the same boat.  And I know how fortunate we are to have other options.  There are A LOT of children in North Carolina that need to go to school to stay safe and to get fed.  So that needs to be considered.  

Everyone's situation is different and there isn't enough known about the virus and those two things are why this is so hard in my opinion. 

So the planner in me wants to know exactly what August 17th is going to look like but I've come to terms that I don't know until it's announced.  Then we will cross that bridge when we need to cross it and do what we think is best for our children. 

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