Friday, July 24, 2020

A Lot of Things!

1.  Julia has been SO amazing to have this summer.  The kids have loved having her play with them.  She never minds all of the messy painting and tie dye projects.  She literally made my life so much easier.  We are thankful to have gotten so much time with her.  Now she's off to Nantucket for two weeks then back to school at Carolina.  We can't wait to see her when she comes home for the holidays!

2.  Molly Anne did a tennis clinic at our club on Tuesday for a couple of hours and had a blast!  Her racket - 21"!

3.  Grady's going through a little something because every night we've put him to bed this week he has just wailed when we leave.  It's SO sad.  We comfort him etc but at some point you have to shut the door and he needs to go to sleep.  He's overtired at that point and there's nothing more I can do.  It's killed me but I stand outside the door and within 15 seconds of me closing the door, he lays down. His fish pajamas here.

4.  Molly Anne's last day of swim team was Wednesday!  She learned so much and can swim right across that pool!  She looked forward to going every morning!  So thankful our neighborhood through a practice season together a few days a week for the children!

5.  One of their other babysitters, Sam, brought Molly Anne a unicorn sleeping bag for her birthday!  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!  Molly Anne LOVES it!

6.  He has been playing with this little pig toy all week and he is so cute dancing to the song that it plays!  He dances and giggles!

7.  Another big thing this week - we flipped Grady's carseat around!  It was time.  I know we should all sit rear facing in a car and yada yada and I'm semi on board with all of that.  But our carseat only goes to a max weight of 40 pounds rear facing and Grady is almost there.  And he's over two years old.  So I turned him around!  And I did it Wednesday for a little test run to get the straps all perfect etc.  Because on Wednesday, we went on a roadtrip...hence the timing of turning him around!

8. He looks so grown up!

9.  Yesterday we left the house around 5:30 am and headed north to visit my parents for a bit!  Kevin couldn't come because we were going for so long and usually he'd fly up for the weekend in between or to ride both ways with us.  But not this time because we can't fly right now.  Well we can, but don't feel like it's a smart move with seeing my 70 year old (I mean young!!) parents! 

My parents ended up meeting us halfway for some reason.  They thought it'd be helpful to have another adult so I could run into to go to the bathroom.  Seriously parents of the year right!?!  We had made one stop by ourselves at a Hampton Inn in South Hill.  The car was very cool and I parked under the canopy so Mills stayed cool.  We jetted into the lobby masked so we could use the bathroom then we ran back out.  I had packed PB&J sandwiches and lots of other snacks.  Otherwise they watched a lot of DVDs and we drove on up!  Since my parents joined us, we stopped at Stingrays for a soft shell crab sandwich.  Anyone had one from there?!!

Molly Anne took care of Mills!  He didn't want to lay on the hot asphalt!  We didn't want his paws to be too hot!  ;)

Grady had plenty of attention of course!

10.  Grady went bananas like he had done every night this past week and he climbed out of the pack and play.  So I put the mattress on the floor and got him to fall asleep there.  I'll save the details of how I got him to stay in that bed but it wasn't pretty.  But he needed to sleep SO badly after only a 30 minute nap on the trip up.  He slept like a rock until 8am and went right down for his nap today.  He was tired!

11.  This morning we played outside.  My parents are borrowing a bike from the bike shop for her this week.  Isn't that so nice?!  I brought Grady's favorite scooter too.  

12.  Then we went blueberry picking at a local farm. 

They both had fun with this and little Grady was a good picker!

13.  During Grady's nap I went for a run.  It was HOT.  But it's very flat here so that was a treat. 

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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