Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Outdoor toys

My SIL is a teacher and always has the best ideas for gifts!  They gave Molly Anne these three outdoor toys and they've been a hit!  They would be fun for any summer birthday gifts you need to give or to buy for your own children!

Huge bubbles!  We used one pack and kept the leftovers in the bucket and used them again a few days later.  There are still more for round three!  Grady couldn't do this because you have to hold your arms out so far but he loves chasing them around!

This huge frisbee is awesome and I had Molly Anne hold it so you could see how big it is!  PS - she looks so grown up with her long hair, no bow and tie dye shirt!  This is a fun front yard game or would be perfect for the beach.  It's 30". 

And smaller lacrosse sticks!  They come with a soft ball which is perfect for this age!  

We've enjoyed having some new things to play with!

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