Thursday, July 30, 2020

Beach Day

On Tuesday I thought it’d be a great idea to head to the beach with both kids by myself ha. Where we went is about an hour drive from my parents.  I packed our cooler, a beach bag and off we went by 7:45am. 

In general it was super fun but a few things occurred.  The diaper situation complicated things a tiny bit. He can’t ride the hour in the car in a swim diaper so I had to change him at our parking spot on the front end and back end of our beach day. Not a huge deal but sandy kids are a mess!  And he took a nose dive in this black tiny gravel parking lot while I was changing Molly Anne quickly. He didn’t care about the fall but he was covered in black gook head to toe. You can’t make stuff like this up!  And the only other issue was how hot the sand was on the way back to the car and how much stuff (plus Grady because he couldn’t walk in the hot sand) I was carrying. I couldn’t run like usual and it didn’t make for some pleasant moments but we made it.  I needed real shoes on, not flops!  Just wanted y’all to know, it wasn’t as these perfect pictures make it look!

Let’s talk about the good stuff!!

My friend from work in Charlotte grew up going to Fenwick and her family has a house there. Her Dad was extremely kind to offer their resident parking pass so I literally parked right by the dune to go to the beach. This was amazingggg with all of the stuff I had to carry!  

Molly Anne and Grady had a blast!  Grady was terrified of the ocean but this beach is honestly very rough and it’s intimidating. Molly Anne wouldn’t go in very far either. Mainly because I wouldn’t let her but she was scared of it too. It drops off suddenly and the waves were huge on this day.  I feel like South Carolina beaches are wide and gentle so they’re good for younger kids!  Grady loved the ocean there so I think it was just how intimidating it was this time!  But Grady LOVED the unlimited sandbox here!!  Molly Anne stayed by the water most of the time and jumped into the waves as they came up!  

Of course we parked our stuff on the beach right by the lifeguard stand because why not.  These pictures are a tiny bit deceiving because I took most of them when we first got there and not many people were on the beach yet.  It did fill up but never too close for comfort. Of course the group next to us, the daughter goes to school in Charlotte and loves to babysit. She played with Molly Anne for the longest time!  So when Alexa comes back to school she definitely will have to come over and watch them!  

We stayed on the beach for four hours!!!  It was really a good time and I’m glad we did it. The thought crossed my mind to take them back today but there’s no way. It wore all of us out and we want to hang with my parents a bit longer. 

Ok I’ll stop typing. Here are the pictures!

Molly Anne really wanted a picture with a lifeguard so this worked out!

The view from Alex’s parents house!

Of course we stopped for ice cream!  This time at Kohrs Brothers. 

That’s called Beach Tired!

Relaxing back at Nannie and Poppa’s.


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  1. It looks like a great time! Water shoes are so helpful when it’s crazy hot like this; I’ve done the burning sand too before I learned! We change my daughter in our SUV’s trunk (versus rinsing off at the public spots like usual). She’s always concerned about the sand, but we just tell her we want to go to the beach safely and aren’t going to let a little sand stop us! Life in these crazy times!