Friday, July 10, 2020

Happy Friday

I ran to Trader Joe’s for a quick 10 minute trip this week and grabbed these. The hummus is my favorite with veggie chips and the other two were new to us. They’re delish with veggies!

This is what I really went for. It has some Prosecco in it to give a little bubbly. It’s a good poolside beverage if you pour it in a yeti before you go since it’s glass.  I took this and a container of chocolates to a porch of friend of mine who has had a rough week. 

Grady can do a puzzle by himself!  

Swim team gals!

A hot almost 6 mile run with Jen and Kacey last night. 

Saw this ad pop up on my phone and had to get this shirt!  So fun!

This one won’t drink out of a sippy cup since she turned 5. No more of that!

Probably some pool time happening this weekend. Also getting new tires put on my car. Good times. Gotta love spending money on tires blah!!  Fortunately my neighbor got them for us for a steal of a deal! 

Have a good weekend! 

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