Thursday, February 28, 2019

Stay at Home Lunch and A Dinner

When I work from home, I have a hard time getting my act together for a fast and decently healthy lunch.  Finally, last weekend I decided I was going to get some stuff from the store to make life a little easier.  Below is a list of things I like to have and depending what's on sale, I'll grab whatever and randomly put a salad together.  I always feel better when I eat filling and greenery for lunch!  

On this one, I got a big piece of salmon (I think it was one pound), split it down the middle and did what my friend Ashley told me to do - 16 minutes at 400 degrees with salt and pepper on it.  Delicious and was good for two lunches.  I also added arugula, butter lettuce, couscous I made over the weekend, grape tomatoes and Garlic Expression dressing.  

This was breakfast yesterday - hard boiled eggs (already done at the store, no time to do at home), smoked salmon and avocados.  Everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joes.  And a paper plate because duh. 

I posted this on Monday I think but this is red onion, cous cous, tomatoes, eggs, hummus, crackers, arugula and EBB seasoning. 

Yesterday's lunch - burrata, arugula, egg, cous cous, leftover salmon, tomatoes, butter lettuce, cracked pepper and garlic expression dressing. 

Meatball subs for dinner and I just didn't eat much of the bread.  Literally frozen meatballs in the mini oven while I played with my kids, threw them in a good jar of marinara, put the buns back on the pan I used for the meatballs with meatballs in them and cheese on top.  Baked for 5 minutes and dinner is done.  I gave the kids meatballs, green beans, slice of cheese and a fruit and thought I was winning at life for those 30 minutes at least!

Here is a grocery list for lunch time goodness.  I don't get all of this every week, but I do like to have some of it on hand and I always chop onion and make cous cous and stuff like that ahead of time.  I need EASY during the week and I'm sure you do too.

Lettuce already chopped - any kind (arugula/butter/green leaf/mixed greens)
Tomatoes - grape or cherry
Red Onion
Feta/Goat/Parm/Burrata/Mozz Cheese
Protein - grilled chicken or salmon
Everything but Bagel Seasoning from TJ's
Cous Cous or Quinoa
Chick Peas

Basically if I'm still doing this in 3 weeks, I'll be shocked haha!  But this week it is delish and is fueling me with lots of energy!  I'm trying not to go back to eating peanut butter pretzels.  

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  1. These all sound delicious! I've been on a major egg salad kick with spinach (or bagel) as a treat! I'll have to try some of these!