Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Molly Anne - isms

It's been awhile since I've done a Molly Anne -isms post and I love remembering funny things she says or does!

1.  The other day I was getting ready for work and she comes in my getting ready area and says, "oh mama you look SO cute!"

2.  She likes to dance in her car seat to certain songs.  My car has a little screen that has the album cover of the artist that is playing and she loves to know who is who on "da picture!"  She has most of them memorized.  Oh dat's Jason Al-dean.  Oh dat's Kenny Ches-ney.  That's how she pronounces things.

3.  We recently got a roundabout nearby and she kept calling it a merry-go-bout until I finally told her it's a roundabout.  So now she says when we go around it - "Mama, it's not a merry-go-bout, it's a roundabout!"

4.  She is a child that is set in her little ways so if we do something out of the ordinary, then we have to talk all about it.  And then repeat the fact that we are stopping by the grocery store on the way to get Grady.  "And den we are goin' home."

5.  We used to count to 60 each night because there are 60 seconds in oooooone minute as she says but now she wants to count to 100 every time!  The other night she finally figured out how to say THIR-ty instead of FOUR-ty.  We've worked on that tongue placement for a long time haha but now she gets it!

6.  She knows where all kinds of places are around town.  She'll point out her doctor's office, her school, she knows when we're on the way to Ms. Becky's.  She likes to point out all of the construction sites around town.  She likes to spot Daddy's car in his office parking lot.  She's an observant young lady!

7.  She's never met a stranger.  Ever.  And she'll remember your name weeks or months later.  Wild.  

8.  She is big into our fam-i-ly and that's how she says it!  When we are all walking down the stairs together, she says, "Mama, Daddy - look!  It's our fam-i-ly!"  She always wants to draw our family in chalk or with crayons!  All about our family!

9.  She loves to put make up on every morning.  And sometimes she raids my drawer instead of using her pretend stuff.  On Monday morning I let her put eye shadow on me and she said, "oh mama you look beautiful" after she put it on.  

10.  Favorite color - pink.  Favorite number - 8.  Favorite food - chicken nuggets.  Favorite outfit - a dress.  Favorite dress up - her ballerina leotard.  Favorite thing to do - play outside or color.  Favorite toy - all of her My Little Pony's.  Favorite drink - milk or juice.  Favorite craft - making necklaces.  Favorite activity - pool.  

She is so fun!  Not that I'm biased or anything!

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  1. So adorable. Love how she likes the number 8 best. ha.