Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thank You and A Few Things

First, THANK YOU all for your sweet comments and emails about our news!  Yall are the best and please know how much we appreciate it!  I wasn't able to reply to a lot of you because your emails aren't linked with your comments but thank you SO much!  I know our world is about to change considerably and we are looking forward to it!  

Also, one more note - I found out I was pregnant the week-ish before my Uncle died and I got to tell him that we were expecting 2.0.  I think he knew exactly what I was saying because he made a funny face about it which is typical in Uncle Mac fashion!  So thankful I got to tell him!


A few random things....

Yesterday I took a quick meal to my friend Fran who just had a baby!  Taco salads are easy to take to a new Mom in case you need a fresh idea.  I just cook the taco meat ahead of time and they can pop it in the microwave to heat.  Include chips, lettuce, cheese, black beans, sour cream, guac and salsa.  And also cookies because duh, it's a treat!  

The dress I was wearing in the pictures yesterday is my favorite Lilly dress at the moment.  I loved it last summer when I wasn't pregnant and I love it now.  It's just really versatile and can be dressed up and down.  Anyway, I ordered this one yesterday as a little splurge and because I think I'll wear it a ton this summer and Fall.  If you haven't tried the Sophie dress yet, you're missing out! 

Anyone's children still love the tea set that lights up and talks?  Molly Anne got it when she was like one but still loves it!  Ha!  I sent this picture to my friend Lisa last night who gave it to her!  

This morning Molly Anne was a little angel and got right out of bed and into her clothes for Becky's.  It was shocking!  Usually she wants to lay around in her pajamas for awhile before getting dressed (who wouldn't right?!) so I was happy with her listening to me.  Therefore, I let her watch a little My Little Pony's while I got dressed.  And so I could do my makeup without having to clean makeup off of her face too...she's so obsessed with "doing makeup!"  And she is not into the fake makeup anymore...she only wants my good stuff!   

But I look back and saw this...I meannnnnn!

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  1. My go to meal that I've done for my last 2 friends who just had a baby is an easy chicken pot pie, it's not spicy and from what I'm told reheats well. I also will give a frozen lasagna and sides if I don't have time to cook. I always include dessert too!

    That last picture, definitely a framer!!!