Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Football Appetizers

Pepperoni Rolls

Full disclosure - this is an ex-boyfriend's recipe but it's a good one!

1.  Pepperoni Sticks (each stick makes 6 little sticks)
2.  Pillsbury Grand Biscuits - not the flaky ones - most packs have 4 or 8 biscuits but you need the same number of biscuits as you have little pepperoni sticks
3.  Spray butter

(this is what the pepperoni stick looks like)  

1.  Cut the pepperoni into 6 little sticks by slicing it vertically.  Each piece will be 4" long and about the size of a man's thumb.  Remove the paper off the outside of each stick.  
2.  Spray both sides of the biscuits and flatten out like you're making a mini pizza.
3.  Wrap pepperoni stick with biscuit and place on a pre-greased pan.  Be sure to place on the pan with the seam down.  
4.  Cook in pre-heated oven according to biscuit instructions.
5.  Cut each large piece into thirds.  

You can totally make these ahead and reheat. They are good cold as well! ;)


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Everyone has a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip don't you think?  This is one I got from a girl I played kickball with in 2008 and have used ever since.  It's too good.  

1.  Two blocks of cream cheese (I use low fat)
2.  16 ounce bottle of buffalo sauce 
3.  Chicken shredded from one rotisserie chicken or 1.5 pounds of shredded cooked chicken
4.  Bottle of ranch or blue cheese dressing
5.  Multi-grain scoops

1.  Spread cream cheese on the bottom of a 9x13 pan
2.  Pour the sauce onto the chicken and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.
3.  Put the chicken on top of the cream cheese.
4.  Pour a bottle of ranch or blue cheese dressing on top.
5.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  
6.  I serve with multi-grain scoops.

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  1. WHY, oh why did I look at this post right now?!? I'm STARVING!!! Cannot WAIT to make the buffalo dip!