Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend - Frozen on Ice!

Well Thursday night at 10:15pm Croup happened again.  This is the 5th time!  Thankfully we had the wimpy medicine in our fridge for a "just in case" so we used that immediately to avoid a trip to the ER.  Her pediatrician said that if we ever have to use it, she still needs to come in the following day for a check.  We did that on Friday afternoon and they gave her the extra umph steriod to hopefully knock it.  A little yogurt was on tap that afternoon because she was such a good girl with the Doctor!

We had two objectives for the whole weekend and they were both on Saturday morning.  She didn't sleep well at all on Friday night but she said she still really wanted to go to Frozen on Ice.  Plus, she had been looking forward to it ALL week.  So, we bit the bullet and let her go.  It was the right decision.  And she got her haircut before the big event!  

She sat in the chair like a big girl this time and didn't even require distraction.  It was precious!  Val is the best!  She cuts my hair too!

We went over to my office which is across from the place Molly Anne got her hair cut and I surprised her by bringing out her Elsa costume for Halloween!  She thought Elsa was "sleeping until Halloween" so this was extra special!

We went uptown to the show and saw my friend from high school and her little girl Meridy right away!  

Of course she had to get the wand...the same one she got last year at Disney on Ice! ;)

Then her friend Gigi arrived and they were so excited for the show to begin!  Two little Elsas!

You can tell here that her eyes don't look so good but she was SO into the show and mesmerized!  

Waving to all of the characters!

When we were leaving she said, "thank you for my coming mama!"  It was sooooo sweet!

We got home and she took a 4 hour nap!  While she was napping, a babysitter came over and we went to a gender reveal party for our friends Alisha and Trey!


Saturday night Kevin had a bachelor party and I had an impromptu girls night in, after she was in bed.  She slept like a rock!  Sunday morning, Mills got his make up done and we were in pajamas until 3pm!  We finally took a walk and picked up dinner.  Easy easy Sunday.  

Sunday night she got Boo'd by her friend Gigi! 

She LOVED looking at everything this morning.  She kept saying WOWWWWW, WOOOOWWWWWWW!  It was adorable!

This is going to be one heck of a week.  I'll be in Florida every day but in different places, on different trips and with different people.  I'll also be in North Carolina every day.  Yeah...exciting.  Let it commence and get me to Saturday PLEASE!  


  1. Oh my goodness, that pink cotton dress! My daughter is just a month younger than your daughter and I have to know where you got it! Those are perfect for fall in the south!

  2. Seems like the whole Blogger world was at Frozen on Ice this weekend! Glad MA was able to go.

  3. She looks darling! I’m so glad she was able to go, but I’m sorry she’s been sick. Hope she feels 100 percent soon and that your travels go well!

  4. glad that the croup didn't turn into a major event and ya'll were able to enjoy your weekend! How fun to do frozen on ice with sarah and gigi! We are taking Jack to disney on ice in december, hopefully he will love it and it won't be all princess! I'm already tired just thinking about your busy work travel week!

  5. Oh my goodness what an absolute doll!!! xo

  6. Yes love that pink dress as well!! So cute!