Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Few New Molly Anne Items

The most questions I get from my little blog are - "where did you get this that Molly Anne is wearing?  Where did you get this that Molly Anne is playing with?"  So I thought I'd share a few new things that our little queenie has gotten recently for her Fall wardrobe! 

Her navy shirt and leggings are from Lilly!  They don't have the shirt right now but here are the leggings in some other patterns.  Her headband is from Bella Bliss, made by Wee Ones - this is the Amazon link.  This came in the mail yesterday and she refused to take it off.  It is SO cute!  

I needed some Fall shoes for her and she just has loved her Mini Melissa's this summer and wouldn't wear anything else.  So of course I went right back to Mini Melissa for the Fall.  You can get them here or here.  (I've bought them from both places in different sizes ha!)

I basically couldn't contain myself and HAD to get her this adorable shirt!  I also got her an adorable dress from Bella Bliss but it doesn't ship until mid November.  

Ohhhh and THE slippers.  I saw these in the PBK store and I couldn't stop thinking about them so I ordered them that night when I got home.  They were supposed to be a Christmas gift but I instantly gave them to her when I opened the package!  Ahhhh!  She LOVES them though and has them on constantly when she's at home!  Here's the link.  They're on sale with free shipping!  Also, there isn't a size chart online so you may have to call a store because there is a size chart on the tag which of course I threw away.  MA wears a size 6 shoe so I got her the S!  

That's all I've got for now!  


  1. Those slippers are the cutest! I want to order Oliver some but I don't see how they're free shipping?

  2. I love those little bunny slippers! I might have to pick up a pair for SC!

  3. Omg those slippers!!! How stinkin cute are they?!?! I prob need to order some for both of my kids asap!

  4. Adorable shoes! I noticed them yesterday morning :)